Video Marketers Leverage Demographics and Behavioral Data to Target Customers

As marketers look to maximize their success with video content, demographic and behavioral-based targeting have become critical tactics, according to new research.

A survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions and Videology has found that 67 percent of agency marketers regularly use demographic and behavioral-based targeting to reach customers with their digital video campaigns.

Video Marketing

“Demographics” were defined as age and gender by the survey conductors, while examples of behaviors were lifestyles and personal preferences.

About 59 percent of brand marketers said that behavioral-based targeting was a regularly used technique. Approximately 55 percent said that they relied on demographic targeting.

“Honing in on specific audience segments or behaviors can obviously bring huge value to many advertisers, but clearly reaching audiences based on age and gender targeting remains important to many others,” said Scott Ferber, Founder and CEO of Videology.

Both brand and agency marketers also said they use sales-based targeting (e.g., purchase history) and contextual-based targeting (e.g., sports, financial) for their video campaigns.

Measuring Video Marketing Success

Video marketers have largely seen success from their efforts as of late, according to research published in October 2016.

A report released by Firebrand Group showed that 84.9 percent of marketers have seen positive ROI from their video marketing efforts. About 90 percent said they were using videos to increase brand awareness, while 56 percent were attempting to drive conversions.

“Video produces a much more pronounced emotional reaction from viewers, and can endear your company to the audience in a very profound way,” the authors wrote in their report.

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