IT and Web Development Bottlenecks Lead List of Client-Side Marketing Challenges

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A study published by Econsultancy and SmartFocus in June 2015 has found that the bottleneck presented by IT and web development teams is the largest challenge for client-side marketers to date.

The data showed that IT and web development teams being major bottlenecks (54 percent), a lack of time to test and optimize campaigns (47 percent), and a desire for a single customer view without the necessary time, budget or IT resources (42 percent) were the three biggest “headaches” being faced. The inability to keep track of customers due to numerous devices and channels (41 percent) and budget constraints (41 percent) were also leading pain points for client-side marketers.

“The increased connectivity of the consumer has created a seemingly infinite number of opportunities to reach customers. However, unlocking such opportunities requires marketers to embrace new skill sets relating to data and technology in order to be successful in the digital age,” the authors of the report wrote.

To research marketers’ biggest pain points, Econsultancy and SmartFocus presented a group with 17 challenges and asked them to rate them on a five-point scale (five being the worst).

Inefficiency Remains Prevalent for Marketers

This is not the first time that marketers have cited a lack of efficiency when it comes to their campaigns. A study released by Annuitas in February 2015 showed that 60 percent of B2B marketers do not believe that their campaigns are effective, especially in terms of demand generation.

Approximately 3 percent of respondents said that they believe their campaigns are genuinely effective. Eight percent said that they do not have any metrics to measure their marketing efforts.

More than 50 percent of marketers do not regularly align their content to their target audience’s pain points. In turn, they fail to address and fulfill their buyers’ needs.

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— Silvina El Baba, Senior Manager, Web Marketing, EFI

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