Yahoo’s Tumblr Acquisition Could Help B2B Marketers Drive Audience Engagement

yahoo-tumblrOver the weekend, Yahoo announced its acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 billion, a move that could benefit B2B marketers looking to drive audience engagement with Tumblr’s younger (18 to 34) demographic.

According to comScore statistics referenced in a CBS Interactive article, Tumblr had 29.3 million unique U.S. visitors in March 2013, which, coupled with Yahoo’s 191.4 million visitors from its combined sites, totals more than any other company except Google. CBS Interactive reports “the blogging site has an audience and social network of 108 million blogs and more than 100 million visitors per month, most of whom are in the Web-savvy [younger] demographic.”

Research from Social Media Examiner shows that 66% of B2B marketers incorporated blogging into their social marketing strategies in 2012 and that they planned to invest more time in blogging than their B2C counterparts (71% vs. 65%). “Blog posts provide social media communities with the energy and engagement required to grow and prosper,” says James Chatman in G2M Solutions post.

For B2B marketers, Yahoo’s Tumblr acquisition could mean just that: increased engagement with a targeted audience. “We’re working hard to get some of the younger folks,” Yahoo Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman said at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology conference last week.

Time will tell whether the acquisition results in tangible benefits for B2B marketers, but it seems clear the opportunity to expand a blogging presence is on the horizon.

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