Content marketing is a critical component of B2B digital marketing programs, providing the foundation for SEO keyword strategy, lead generation opportunities, and impactful social media engagement. Explore how B2B content marketing impacts broader digital marketing strategy.


What Is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing can be defined as the strategy business to business marketers use for developing the breadth of assets and communication used to engage prospective buyers, customers, and stakeholders, associated with an organization’s business objectives. B2B content marketing goes beyond copy on a web page, and includes audio and video, social media communication, and the vast array of assets used for demand generation.

Building a B2B Content Marketing Program

A collection of blog posts meant to help B2B marketers create a content marketing strategy, explain the benefits of content marketing programs, and align content marketing with buyer intent and objectives.

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Learn more about how KoMarketing combines a deep-level understanding of the B2B buyer, with the expertise for executing and delivering content, to significantly improve lead generation, website traffic, and brand visibility.

B2B Content Marketing Tactics

Tactical blog posts meant to provide actionable guidance and perspective in executing B2B content marketing initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Measuring Content Marketing Performance: A B2B Marketer’s Perspective

Measuring Content Marketing Performance: A B2B Marketer's Perspective

Measuring the impact of content marketing allows business-to business (B2B) marketers to optimize campaigns for better engagement and more effectively attribute ROI.

But what are the strategies, tactics, and trends behind measuring content marketing performance for B2B marketers?

To help answer this question, Ascend2 and our KO Marketing fielded the Measuring Content Marketing Performance Survey. We thank the 318 marketers who responded to this survey between in mid-February 2021.

This report, titled The B2B Marketer’s Perspective on Measuring Content Marketing Performance, represents the opinions of the marketing professionals responding to the survey operating in the B2B (Business-to- Business) channel.

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B2B Content Marketing Tools and Examples

B2B Content Marketing Success Stories

Explore KoMarketing client case studies that illustrate how content marketing provides the foundation for generating traffic from organic search engines like Google, allows an organization to build awareness and visibility in search and social media platforms, and generate quality inbound leads for B2B digital marketing campaigns.

“The team @ KoMarketing Associates clearly understands how to effectively utilize all methodologies of search engine marketing and builds powerful programs to achieve outstanding results. The team they have constructed is not only professional but fantastic to work with.”

— Chad Beasley, Vice President at Delivery Agent

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