Pay per click advertising has evolved into a more comprehensive scope of platforms and capabilities, driven through search engines and social media platforms. Ultimately success is defined through the right mix of advertising programs tailored to your business, budget and KPIs.

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What Is B2B Pay Per Click Advertising?

B2B pay per click (B2B PPC) advertising has evolved to include the mix of digital advertising capabilities offered by search engines like Google and Bing, to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, among other platforms and publishers. What is critical for success is in choosing the right mix of offers, messaging, and competitive analysis designed to capture attention and engagement from targeted B2B buying audiences.

Building a B2B PPC Advertising Program

A collection of blog posts meant to help B2B marketers create an impactful PPC digital advertising program, explain how to choose the right PPC platforms, and align the range of potential opportunities to targeted audiences and industry markets.

“The KoMarketing team took our PPC and SEM marketing efforts to the next level. They are a team of thoughtful, creative, and smart people, and they get downright scientific when it comes to measurement and attribution. A true pleasure to work with.”

Will Bernholz — Will Bernholz, Vice President, Marketing, Dropsource

Learn more about how KoMarketing manages complex PPC advertising campaigns across multiple search platforms, social media platforms, audiences, and regional markets. With a strategic program tailored to your business, our clients see high-value leads, increased sales, and lower costs per click, per lead, and per sale.

B2B PPC Advertising Tactics

Tactical blog posts meant to provide actionable guidance and perspective in executing B2B pay-per-click advertising campaigns and initiatives on an ongoing basis.

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The State of B2B Lead Generation – Benchmarks for the Complex Sale

The State of Lead Generation - Benchmarks for the Complex Sale

Lead generation continues to drive new business results. But what strategies and tactics are significantly increasing lead generation effectiveness in a complex sale situation?

The data in this edition of the study, titled The State of Lead Generation – Benchmarks for the Complex Sale, exclusively represents the opinions of marketers who are focused on a lengthy sales cycle involving numerous purchase influencers.

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“KoMarketing takes PPC management to a completely different level of focus on performance and commitment to client business goals.”

— Chris Long, CMO, L-com Global Connectivity

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