KoMarketing Heads to #SMX West 2013

Our Director of Online Marketing Casie Gillette will be heading out to San Jose March 11th-13th for SMX West. SMX (Search Marketing Expo) is one of the largest search marketing conferences in the country and features three days of sessions on topics ranging from SEO to PPC to Social media, Analytics, and more. Casie will […]

Building a B2B Mobile SEO Strategy? 5 Key Points To Consider

The 2017 digital marketing buzzword of the year is mobile SEO. And everyone is wondering how to utilize it. How do we capture the mobile market? How do we use mobile as a competitive advantage? How do we do mobile? While these are relevant questions to ask, as a B2B marketer you must have all […]

3 Top Takeaways from SMX West 2015

At the beginning of March, I was lucky enough to head out to California, where the sun was shining, there was no snow in sight, and oh yeah, SMX West was taking place. While this was my fourth SMX West and ninth SMX overall, each conference experience is a little different and as search evolves […]

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

About a week ago Google’s Ben Gomes, VP of Search, News, and Assistant, discussed three fundamental shifts in how the search engine intends to think about Search in the coming years. For B2B marketers, the key takeaways are how search will become more personally valuable, and move away from text to a visual, more interest-based experience. […]

Blog Optimization Tips for Effective Search Engine Indexing

Recommendations and tips for achieving successful search engine indexing when designing and developing a blog. One of the primary goals is making certain that search engines like Google and Yahoo understand and index the primary content – individual blog posts – as quickly and effectively as possible.

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Social Media in China

If you go to China and make new friends there, you will be frustrated when you want to add them as Facebook friends or follow their Twitter account. Why? You will quickly find out that they rarely have those accounts. Like Google, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China due to the censorship issue. Instead, […]

B2B Marketers Look to Improve Data Acquisition to Achieve Goals

As B2B marketers reap the benefits of data and analytics, new research suggests that they intend to refine their database solutions and strategies in the coming months. According to the second annual “Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey” from Demand Gen Report, about 65 percent of marketers intend to target specific segments in the future […]

B2B Ecommerce Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices

When most people think of ecommerce, they tend to think of retail or “B2C” ecommerce. Marketing for B2B ecommerce gets almost no attention. This shows up clearly in search query data, like in the chart from Google Trends below. “B2B ecommerce” barely registers compared to the volume of searches for “ecommerce.” But if you look […]

Adapting to Changing Algorithms Tops List of Today’s SEO Challenges

While it’s no secret that search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) drive significant traffic to websites, today’s marketers are faced with a number of challenges when it comes to SEO, with changing algorithms topping the list. This is according to Ascend2’s recent “Search Engine Optimization Survey” results. In addition to adapting to these changing algorithms, about 38 percent […]

Report: 63% of Marketers Still Struggle to Assemble Unified Customer Data

Many marketers are now turning to customer data platforms (CDPs) in order to reap the full benefits of their analytics. However, new research suggests that not all marketers have been successful when it comes to assembling CDPs and implementing them in their strategies. The Customer Data Platform Institute recently published the “Understanding CDP Users: CDP […]

Only a Matter of Time Before Malware Found Android

I guess it had to happen sooner or later — malware has found its way into the exploding mobile app market for Google’s open source Android OS that has been touted many times as the iPhone killer of the smartphone market.

5 Effective Options For B2B Advertising on Social Media

Social media isn’t most B2B marketers’ first choice for most effective platform, but highly targeted advertising campaigns are starting to change that line of thinking. If you don’t think your audience is on social media, you’re wrong. A study published on the Think With Google blog found that about 50 percent of B2B researchers (who […]

Report: Successful CMOs Show More Confidence in Handling Data

With the growth of data and analytics, new research indicates that successful CMOs have prepared themselves to handle the abundance of information. This is according to a new IBM report that looks at the responses to several questions from senior marketers around the globe. The results discovered that as of 2015, about 36 percent of all CMOs believe […]

B2B Call Tracking: Get Credit for All B2B Leads By Caring About Phone Calls

What’s your biggest challenge as a B2B marketer? According to a study sponsored by Eloqua, the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is generating enough high quality leads. Converting leads into customers came in 2nd. And demonstrating ROI came in 4th. As a B2B marketer myself, I can relate to these challenges. The other interesting metric […]

6 Questions to Answer When Launching a B2B Content Marketing Program

It’s been well-documented that the landscape of marketing has experienced a fundamental shift from outbound to inbound strategies in recent years, largely influenced by the penetration of digital channels. This shift in behavior has opened up an endless need for content, especially among B2B marketers. In fact, The Content Marketing Institute released statistics leading up […]

Report: B2B Marketers Remain Slow to Adopt New Technologies

B2B marketers are using a wide range of technology and analytics to achieve their top priorities, but are their efforts paying off? Furthermore, what are their key goals for utilizing the latest technology? To gauge how prepared B2B marketers are for the next wave of technology and data, DemandLab and Ascend2 recently conducted a report titled […]

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