How To Measure Performance Against Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

Last week my colleague Brendan Cottam detailed key aspects of Google’s Mobile Friendly Update, being released today. This update will potentially give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. We’ve received questions about this update from clients and partners and the reality is that for the most part, the percentage of traffic […]

HootSuite Acquires UberVu, Offers Greater Tie Between Analytics & Social Media Management

Earlier this week, TechCrunch announced that HootSuite, a popular social media relationship platform, has acquired social media analytics firm UberVU in an effort to expand its analytics offering for social media campaign management. According to the TechCrunch article, “Adding analytics, HootSuite will be able to provide more data to its customers about the social interactions it’s making with […]

How to Use Google Optimize to Find B2B Paid Advertising Success

When it comes to creating an optimized B2B paid advertising campaign, whether it’s for LinkedIn, Google or Facebook, a unique paid landing page is essential. It’s where users get the most information and determine if the product or service is right for them. The page itself needs to be perfect to acquire new customers. Finding […]

Why Google Personalized Search is Great for the SEO Industry

A recent Technorati blog post poses the question as to whether the expanded Google personalized search will challenge the SEO market. Background: If you don’t know about this development, here is Google’s video explaining the change: In my opinion, Google personalized search could very well be the best thing to happen to the SEO industry […]

How B2B Marketers Need To Prepare For AdWords’ Changes in the Mobile-Focused World

Last week, during Google’s Performance Summit, the company announced a series of exciting changes to their online services. The focus of the Summit was how mobile is shaping user behavior on Google around the world. With mobile on the mind, Google laid out how they plan on evolving in order to make the lives of […]

Are Google AdWords Content Network View-Through Conversions Real?

On Sep 30, 2009 Google announced a new AdWords reporting feature that measures conversions for display ads in the Content Network (display ads are image-based or rich media ads only – not text ads). When I first saw this I was excited because it provides an extra level of measurement that was missing. Many ad […]

Report: Majority of Marketers to Turn to Data and Analytics in the Next 12 Months

Although marketers have not always been keen to use the data at their fingertips, new research suggests that more of them are looking to take advantage of analytics in the coming months. Forrester and Google recently published “The Future of Analytics” report, and statistics showed that overall, most marketers (17%) intend to make improving their […]

How Web Analytics Leads to a Better Search Engine Marketing Strategy

As search engines work to provide better results for the visitor it makes the search marketer’s job more complex. The right web analytics and reporting tools are essential to qualifying the results of a search engine marketing campaign. Here are 5 ways that a deeper look into traditional web analytics reports provides a more comprehensive […]

Tracking Revenue in Google AdWords

Sometimes you don’t need to use a limousine to get somewhere when a bicycle will do the trick. … and sometimes you just might not have an advanced analytics tool and your only options are AdWords and Google Analytics.  I was setting up some basic revenue tracking for a low impact project of mine and […]

B2B Marketers Soon to Find 100% of Keyword Referral Data “Not Provided” from Google

Google will be encrypting all search engine queries, even for users who aren’t signed in to Google, rendering nearly 100% of keyword data indefinable (“not provided”) for B2B marketers.  This found and highlighted in a recent discussion on Threadwatch and further discussed on Search Engine Land. Search engine encryption eliminates the keyword portion of referrer […]

Moz Survey: Analytics and Content Marketing In Demand for 2015

Analytics and content creation are the two top services requested by today’s online marketers, a new survey by Moz found. More than 3,600 online marketing professionals (an even mix of in-house and agency marketers) participated in Moz’s “2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey.” Other in-demand services for 2015 include conversion rate optimization, brand strategy and social media […]

How to Make the Search Partner Network More Accessible (and useful) for Search Managers

Google announced that you can now differentiate between search traffic that comes directly from from search traffic generated on one of Google’s partner sites (ie. AOL, Ask).  This is the first of hopefully many steps that will allow PPC managers to take a more active role in managing Google’s Search Partners. Currently, the extent […]

Help! What Do I Do Without My Analytics Data?

Last week I turned 34. No, I’m not telling you this because I’m looking for belated birthday wishes (although I will accept belated birthday presents). I’m telling you this because of what happened leading up to 34. For the month leading up to my birthday, I was convinced I was turning 33. In fact, Stacy and […]

New Google Acquisitions Reporting Helps B2B Marketers Better Attribute and Track Leads

According to a recent announcement on the Google Analytics blog, users now have access to new “Acquisition Reports,” which provide a clear picture of website visitors’ Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion (ABC) cycle, allowing marketers to better attribute and track leads across online channels. The new “Acquisitions” look will replace the “Traffic Sources” section on the left hand navigation, while offering […]

The Big List of (Not Provided) Search Recommendations for B2B Marketers

A discussion on Threadwatch Monday drew greater visibility to the fact that Google has begun encrypting all queries through the search engine, even for users who aren’t signed in to Google. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land confirmed this shift with Google, as discussed in the recent article on SEL this week and highlighted in […]

PPC Analytics Tool – Review of iSpionage

I was recently contacted by Leon Krishnayana, CEO & Founder of  Leon asked if I would be willing to review the company’s PPC analytics tool.  I had heard of iSpionage before, and had tested their beta version, so I was very interested in peeking under the hood of the full breadth of the tool’s […]

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