A PPC Optimization Checklist for the B2B Marketer

Updated July 2022 One of the key responsibilities of a search marketing agency is in staying up to date on enhancements, features, and new functionality associated with the search engine marketing space. Fortunately, Google has made this a bit easier for Google Ads professionals by setting up a dedicated page that highlights changes and enhancements […]

Our Favorite Online Marketing Posts of 2013

Wow! It’s hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close. It’s been a fast but fantastic year here at KoMarketing as we’ve welcomed new employees, travelled across the US and China, and moved to a new location in downtown Boston. We’ve also been very fortunate to have amazing clients, partners, and industry friends that […]

Creating Killer Content with Data: Pubcon Austin 2016

A few weeks ago I headed down to Austin for Pubcon’s regional, one-day show. The event featured some of my favorite speakers and gave me the opportunity to present on one of my all-time favorite topics: creating killer content (aka creating content your audience actually wants to read!). Why do I love this topic? Because, […]

8 ValueTrack Parameters For Better AdWords Campaign Data

ValueTrack is an easy-to-use AdWords URL-tagging feature. ValueTrack works with Google Analytics or your own tracking solution to provide detailed, useful data about each click on your paid search ad. You can use this information to fine-tune your campaigns and settings for better performance. In order to use ValueTrack, you first need to add a […]

20 Online Marketing Tools That Boost Campaign Results

As online marketers, we are required to understand all corners of the internet and continually expand our knowledge of the industry. However, like any profession, we’d struggle to be successful without tools. With this is mind, we recently hosted an internal team training event where each member of our team shared some of their favorite online […]

How B2B Marketers Can Dominate Branded Keyword Search Engine Results

Branded keywords represent search queries that include the organization’s brand name or various product and brand-related information. While most B2B marketers assume their organization appears prominently for branded keyword search results, they need to consider the rest of the results that appear on a Google search page, both organic and paid. How often do you […]

3 B2B Conversion Tracking Mistakes Not to Make

One of the key benefits of online marketing is having the ability to capture information about our site visitors in order to better understand our marketing efforts. Thanks to analytics, we know the various mediums they use, what they search for, how they interact on our site, and so much more…including the actions they take […]

How To Measure A B2B Social Media Program

A few weeks ago, we covered the “2016 State of B2B Digital Marketing” report from Ascend2 and Marketo. Even though the most significant barrier to B2B digital marketing success relates to inadequate marketing budget, 84 percent of B2B marketers still believe their strategies are successful. The top three tactics that contributed to this success? Email, the website, […]

12 Essential Benchmarks for Understanding The B2B Buyers’ Journey

The B2B buyer’s journey is evolving rapidly. The benchmarks and strategies that worked just a few years ago might not have the same impact today. In addition to incremental changes, such as the shift toward mobile devices, B2B marketers must also contend with a rapidly changing workplace and online world. For example, workers today are […]

User Experience Directly (& Indirectly) Matters for SEO

It’s not uncommon to have a competitor who challenges a search engine optimization strategy with horrible design, poor site usability or questionable, short-term SEO tactics (or a combination of all three). A good SEO strategy should always have an approach to recommendations that benefit website visitors AND search engine optimization. Sometimes this may be frustrating; […]

What’s in a name? For us, “a lot & a little”

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a long time. Our company name can cause some confusion – usually very minor, and related to pronunciation. Today I was looking at our website analytics data and noticed that someone came to our site after searching in Google for “ko marketing seo”.  I decided to […]

5 Key Steps to Consider When Guest Blogging

Earlier this year, a Backlinko study analyzed one million Google search results and uncovered that “the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any other factor.” However, as we know, Google is now better than ever at detecting “spammy” links, putting a halt to link-building strategies that simply take an […]

8 B2B SEO Tools to Improve Rankings & Dominate Search Results

Improving search rankings certainly isn’t as simple as it sounds. At the same time, having targeted and relevant organic visibility is vital to the overall success of a B2B organization. When determining the best approaches to drive organic visibility, there are several tools that should be used to help make more informed decisions and guide […]

20 Content Marketing Tools to Rely on From Start to Finish

When used effectively, content marketing can help build your brand, attract new business, support SEO initiatives, and improve your reputation across the industry. However, truly impactful content strategies require some very hard work and dedication. Thankfully, there are many online marketing tools available that can help to save time and bring strategies to the next […]

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition

Last week I highlighted ten of KoMarketing’s most popular posts written this year, based on traffic, links, mentions, and impact in the lead generation process. While our own analysis and experience helped to shape the themes chosen, so did the developments and experience from digital marketing professionals from around the world. We’re fortunate to work in an […]

Announcing The 2015 B2B Web Usability Report

Google Analytics and other reporting tools can tell you a great deal about what buyers do once they get to your website – which pages they click, the flow from one page to another, conversions, etc. But B2B marketers also need to know what buyers actually want from a vendor website. Which content elements are […]

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