6+ Content Marketing Metrics to Measure Success

Content marketing is a tactic used across industries to create awareness and educate audiences, but many organizations are still figuring out how to truly measure success. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 research, a promising 80% of respondents do use metrics to measure performance, but that number drops to 65% when asked if they […]

8+ Tips for B2B Custom Audience Targeting

All paid platforms allow you to create custom audiences based on cookies, emails, telephone numbers, and in some cases even home addresses. But, are you still just using the “all visitors” segment, solely because that’s the default audience a platform gives you? According to Retargeter, B2B retargeting outperforms B2C retargeting by 402% in terms of […]

Our Favorite Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2012

For KoMarketing Associates, 2012 was a year of growth, collaboration, successes (and challenges), and good fortune.  I’m happy to say we won more than we lost and learned from the opportunities missed. We welcomed new team members, delved deeper in search engine marketing, and became more adept in broader B2B marketing concepts. You can never […]

How to Uncover Actionable SEO Opportunities with a B2B Content Audit

Content marketing is about providing the right content at the right time to the right person. When you say it like that it sounds so simple, but as content marketers know, it’s a full-time job (or more!). In today’s digital age, marketers are more equipped than ever with the data and analytics necessary to effectively […]

Does This Mean We Are Famous?

I have to admit – this one is stumping me. Over the weekend I googled “komarketing associates” (which I do sometimes just to get to our site and catch a view of what Google has indexed along the way).  And I saw this ad from WebTrends: click the image above to see the full information […]

Top 3 Chinese Search Engines: What B2B Marketers Need to Know

With 688 million Internet users and growing, China has become a compelling market for Western companies looking to expand globally. What makes it this market even more enticing is the number of Chinese Internet users is growing at a rate that far surpasses that of most countries, which speaks to the business growth potential in the […]

Report: Marketers Still Challenged to Find a Single Source of Data

Even though marketers have made it a point to begin using data and analytics, new research suggests that they have not fine-tuned this aspect of their strategies just yet. Airtable recently published its “Marketing Trends Report,” and statistics showed that marketers believe between 20% and 49% of data is duplicated in multiple places, such as […]

Exploring 5 Essential Baidu Tools For B2B Online Marketers

In our last Baidu blog post, we introduced the basics for setting up a Baidu PPC account. Setting up a Baidu PPC account is just the beginning as B2B online marketers must consider the ongoing management and continued refinement of their Baidu advertising program. In this article, we present you 5 important tools essential to […]

B2B Marketing: Guide to Success in the Digital Era

Marketing has changed significantly in the past years. If you think about it, Google didn’t even exist until 1998. Yet, to this day it is one of the most common places we default to when we need to make a purchase, evaluate a company, or answer a question. Business to Business (B2B) companies have not […]

How Much Emphasis Should B2B Marketers Put in Yahoo Search?

Earlier this month, news broke that Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer had started initiatives to get the company back into building its own search technology. This sparked debate amongst industry thought leaders on whether Yahoo could still be a viable player in the search engine market, as detailed on Search Engine Roundtable. For B2B Marketers, Yahoo […]

What Are Your Top 5 B2B Content Marketing Objectives?

Fresh, regularly published content to your website can help your visibility in search engine results, thanks to Google’s freshness factor. That being said, it’s not enough to just write content and publish it. There must be a strategy behind not only content topics, but also how you are publishing and promoting content. According to Content […]

Our Favorite Articles & Blog Posts of 2017

Keeping on top of changes and trends in our industry is one of the most important tasks we can do for our clients and professional selves. Luckily for us, we work in an industry where there is lots of great content and smart people creating it. Much like our Secret Santa gift exchange, this list […]

How To Extend B2B Marketing With Better Social Media Measurement Tools

One of the key reasons B2B marketers remain skeptical with social media as a primary tactic in digital marketing  is the inability to determine ROI. It’s not that B2B marketers fail to understand the adoption rates of social media platforms and their influence in online behavior, it’s the lack of clarity between time and investment in […]

Algorithm Updates: Common Questions & What You Should Know

When a major algorithm update happens like it did May 20th, it’s always interesting to see reactions from both the search community, affected businesses, and the media. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that the only people who knew (or cared about) what an algorithm update was were those in the search industry. However, […]

How To Project SEO Content Marketing Goals & Performance

Earlier this year I presented a case study on how we grew our digital presence by more than 200%, in terms of total site traffic, over a two year timeframe. Organic search specifically grew more than 500% period over period, with +150% growth in leads from this channel. As I detailed in my most recent […]

How To Squeeze More SEO Out Of Your B2B Marketing Budget Priorities

Earlier this month MarketingSherpa released a chart from last year’s Email Marketing Benchmark Report, highlighting budget priorities across various B2B marketing programs. SEO, Paid Search, and Google AdWords were fourth on the priority list, with 58% of respondents indicating they will increase budgets for these initiatives in the coming year. I always find it interesting […]

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