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Cisco-Eagle Uses Online PR to Acquire Links and Significantly Build Brand Awareness for its Website

Cisco-Eagle: B2B SEO Link Building & Online PR

The Challenge

A turnkey provider of automated material handling systems, conveyors, storage and safety solutions for manufacturing and distribution, Cisco-Eagle had built a respectable lead generation machine with its website and organic search – and these efforts had translated into millions of dollars in sales.

While the company’s SEO program was delivering results, the in-house marketing team knew that in order to get to the next level, they needed to implement a content marketing / link building strategy – and they wanted to do so without hiring additional people.

To meet this objective, Cisco-Eagle turned to KoMarketing in July 2013. Campaign objectives included:

  • Raising Cisco-Eagle’s profile in the industry through online PR
  • Increasing Cisco-Eagle’s organic search presence for its branch offices
  • Recommending usability and SEO enhancements to the company website

Program components included: SEO and Online PR.

Program Implementation

KoMarketing’s first step was to assess and research the warehouse automation industry in order to develop the backlink strategy. This assessment included looking for potential linking partners within industry blogs, trade publications, social media, and Cisco-Eagle’s manufacturing customer base.

The final list KoMarketing presented included over three dozen manufacturers and industry publications as potential linking opportunities.

Once KoMarketing had this list in hand, the account team then began implementing the strategy. Working with Cisco-Eagle, KoMarketing gave recommendations to the Cisco-Eagle team for contacting companies on the list with “pitches” or ideas for guest posts that the company would provide.

“Creating this program wasn’t easy,” said Scott Stone, Cisco-Eagle’s Director of Marketing. “Many manufacturers don’t do content marketing, and some don’t want to link back to a distributor. KoMarketing worked hard on this aspect of the program and found innovative ways to raise our presence in the industry; for example, they used Twitter strategically to share the content targeted companies on our list were creating. Once these companies became aware of Cisco-Eagle, they began sharing our content in return.”

Campaign Milestones

Because content marketing is a long-term investment and has a relatively long ramp-up time (content must be created and approved, propagated through social media platforms, etc.), it can take months to realize ROI.

Cisco-Eagle began to see results from the content marketing campaign by mid 2014. Due to KoMarketing’s efforts, Cisco-Eagle realized a 19% year over year (YoY) growth, which represented the largest percentage of YoY growth in three years, and over 180,000 more organic search referrals.

By the end of 2014, the Cisco-Eagle website had 1,500 inbound links, with 800 of these links being new domains.

Make a great SEO program even better

Although Cisco-Eagle had a robust presence with regard to organic search, the company also wanted to enhance the presence of its regional offices in the local search results. KoMarketing worked with the team to create optimized geographical pages for the website and to implement other local search tactics.

Due to its years of SEO work, the company’s lead generation was also very good, but needed improvement in some areas – such as getting more leads from key content pages on the website. KoMarketing recommended improving call-to-action buttons and banners and then placing these on product category pages and other content pages.


  • For the period August 2013 to 2016, over 12,813 quality links were created across 1,337 websites.
  • For the same period, organic traffic grew 26%. “While we always grew our traffic before partnering with KoMarketing, the growth in organic has been sharper since their involvement,” said Stone.
  • Local search presence was improved through the creation of quality, geographic-focused site pages that continue to drive traffic and leads.

The full case study, which includes graphs and other information, can be downloaded here.

“KoMarketing understands the complex B2B sales cycle and how to use digital marketing strategies to help a company increase sales. Over a four-year period, they created over 12,800 high-quality back links across 1,300 websites — along with a corresponding rise in traffic, leads and lead quality. If you want a smart, results-oriented B2B digital marketing agency, KoMarketing is the one to call.”
— Scott Stone, Director of Marketing, Cisco-Eagle

“Working with KoMarketing was more like a partnership as supposed to just another consulting project. We learned a lot from KoMarketing, while excelling in all aspects of SEO for our website. If your looking for a hard working, dedicated team, KoMarketing is a partnership you won’t regret.”

— Alexis Karlin, Digital Marketing Specialist, Neolane (Acquired by Adobe)

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