While the details are sometimes sensitive, the picture painted in the following client success stories is one of quantifiable results.

A tailored PPC campaign lowers monthly click costs by 100%; increases number of qualified leads by 33%.

Enterprise Software Vendor: B2B Search Engine Advertising

The Challenge

The client, a B2B enterprise software company, wanted to increase the total number of quality leads generated while reducing its total monthly advertising budget. The client also wanted to create a way to track each lead and measure both quantity and quality improvement.

Key program components included PPC, demand generation, and marketing measurement.

Program Implementation

KoMarketing developed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program that began with an initial discovery period. Prior to program launch, the following steps were implemented:

Better separate quality leads – The client struggled with two issues: one, the company found it difficult to separate people looking for general information from those qualified prospects looking to make a purchase. Two, the client wanted only those prospects from North America and a few select countries. KoMarketing recommended the company create a form that prospects could use to request an evaluation copy of the software.

Bid for ROI, not position – Although management was reluctant to give up “ego bidding” – that is, bidding to retain the top position – the company quickly found its sweet position in ad positions 3 to 5.

Incorporate tracking & Google analytics – Web analytics were used to track individual keyword performance beyond simple conversion tracking codes. KoMarketing advised the client to send leads to a CRM database – SalesForce.com – with the search engine and keyword identified. The company was then able to follow their search advertising spend through the sales process. By linking sales data back to keywords, ad text, and search engines, a feedback loop was established to continually modify and improve the campaigns each month.

After these initial steps, KoMarketing then began overseeing the tactical components of the PPC program, tailored to the client and its business goals.

Campaign restructuring and expansion

In order to more efficiently manage the portfolio of keywords, KoMarketing created an additional 15 campaigns and over 40 new Ad Groups in Google. This expansion allowed KoMarketing to bucket keywords logically, target ad copy more effectively, and create a structure that anyone in the marketing department could step into and manage.

To better control costs, ensure ads were shown to the most qualified searchers, and manage Google’s keyword quality scoring algorithm, KoMarketing added negative keywords to the campaigns. By adding negative keywords, ads were prevented from being displayed for less-qualified keyword queries.

Improve ad copy and landing pages
The client’s ad copy had remained stagnant for close to two years and needed to be revised and refreshed. Multiple versions of ads were created and then served simultaneously to gauge both use interest and conversion response.

KoMarketing also expanded the pool of qualified prospects by adding Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Business.com to the media mix.

Incremental steps were taken in creating and optimizing the landing pages, starting with basic copy modifications, then moving to testing product images, navigational elements, and adding contact form fields to the pages.


  • The client increased the average number of leads by 33% each month – with some months seeing a conversion rate as high as 63%.
  • Lead quality also improved, with a higher percentage of leads resulting in an end sale.
  • The total monthly click charge was lowered by an average of $3,000 per month, and the cost per lead dropped by nearly 100%.

The client continues to work with KoMarketing today.

“KoMarketing takes PPC management to a completely different level of focus on performance and commitment to client business goals.”

— Chris Long, CMO, L-com Global Connectivity

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