A strategic SEO-driven content marketing program focused on demand generation for a marketing attribution company boosts organic search traffic and lead generation.

SEO efforts translated into 300% growth in lead acquisition numbers, period over period.

SEO-Driven Content Marketing Drives 300% Increase in Organic Leads

The Challenge

A marketing attribution and media optimization team from a mid-sized company focused on improving marketing performances for businesses – approached KoMarketing to gain an increase in leads. The team lacked a strategic approach to SEO and content marketing and had not implemented any paid demand generation strategies so far.

For this company, this meant that there was substantial room for improvement, in terms of the number of leads to be gained from search engines and SEO tactics.

“Prior to working with KoMarketing, we were struggling to form a comprehensive marketing strategy that acquired quality leads. It was quite difficult to effectively pinpoint where to find the most relevant leads, and how exactly we were supposed to offer value to them in a way that piqued their interest… KoMarketing was eventually hired by a new CMO to bridge all of these gaps.”

— Demand Generation Manager

The partnership between this company and KoMarketing began in 2018 with the goal of ensuring all new content created was appropriately targeted and would subsequently lead to an increase in organic traffic and visibility. This would be an ongoing process, with the company’s team striving to continuously enhance their leads even after the drastic improvements seen when working with KoMarketing.

The three main goals of the KoMarketing program were as follows:

  • Improving and boosting organic traffic to the website
  • Increasing the number of quality leads, and
  • Enhancing their visibility in SERPs and search results

The essential elements of KoMarketing’s program included the creation of new pages, the process of writing bylines for third-party publications, and the optimization of existing content, as well as paid demand generation – (paid advertising via LinkedIn and Google advertising in particular).

Program Implementation

From the very beginning of the collaboration, KoMarketing recognized that the company’s marketing team was crucial to the program. The partnership would require highly strategic approaches to ensure the main goals were achieved. This is what KoMarketing did:

Content Creation: KoMarketing implemented an SEO and content marketing program. This involved creating blog posts and landing pages for the company’s website using highly targeted keywords in order to attract high-value, more easily convertible traffic from specific audiences.

Demand Generation Execution: Without a Demand Generation strategy already in place, KoMarketing built one from the ground up for the company. This involved strategic promotion of marketing assets via PPC and paid search channels such as Google Ads and LinkedIn, carefully planning campaigns to maximize ROI and keep cost-per-lead below a targeted benchmark.

Content Marketing: KoMarketing worked with the company to create an SEO-focused content strategy tailored to target audiences. This included distribution channel and promotion strategy, aiming to create the maximum possible benefit for lead quantity and quality.

SEO Optimization Across All Content Developed: Alongside planning new SEO-focused content, KoMarketing undertook a comprehensive SEO audit across all of the organization’s existing content. This audit informed standardization and optimization across all of the company’s content, ensuring SEO best practices were met prior to distribution.

Team Training: KoMarketing provided training and consultation services to the company’s team throughout the process, helping to ensure that all content was fully optimized and perfectly targeted at key audiences.


With regular, perfectly optimized blog posts targeting the appropriate keywords, the company has had no trouble increasing its organic traffic. In May 2021, they brought in 52,000 organic visits – an increase of over 3000% compared to their traffic in January 2018.

This visibility has translated into much greater lead generation, with 200 organic leads generated in May 2021 compared to just 50 in January 2018.

The keyword and SEO strategies implemented by the company have led to their website now ranking for 13,000 keywords. This is a 10,000 increase compared to rankings before the strategy was implemented. Moreover, these include critical position #1 for a series of competitive marketing technology-related keyword themes.

And finally, not only has this collaboration delivered proven results, but it has also resulted in remarkable ROI thanks to an average CPL nearly 30% lower when comparing 2021 to the previous year.

The full case study, which includes graphs and other information, can be downloaded here.

“KoMarketing is an exceptional partner; all of our content trends upwards and if they don’t currently, chances are that they will. KoMarketing brings to the table a team of digital marketing experts, who are never afraid to roll up their sleeves or change directions, which is exactly what B2B marketing requires.”

— Demand Generation Manager

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